The ZIFiT workout combines 2 key components: incline trainers and functional strength training in state-of-the-art fitness studios enhanced with infrared therapy. It's a one-of-a kind workout scientifically designed to provide optimal results.

Our Incline Interval Program is based off a 3 Tier Model:

Heat Pace: ZONE 3 at 71-81% of maximal heart rate.  This zone is intermediate in difficulty.
Fire Pace: ZONE 4 at 82-92% of maximal heart rate.  In this zone the intensity increases significantly and the body is working hard to maintain that level of activity.
Burn pace: ZONE 5 at 93-100% of maximal heart rate.  This is the highest intensity zone and the shortest in duration. Reaching this zone is the ultimate goal of the ZIFiT Workout, but not required to maximize results.

Very Light Mobility
50-60% Max/hr

This is the most comfortable zone, consisting of very light activity to warm up for the higher intensity activity that follows.
Warm Up
61-70% Max/hr

This zone prepares the body for fat burning by gradually increasing the heart rate. We achieve this by slowly introducing power walking, jogging, rowing and cycling in preparation for the high intensity training zones to come.
71-81% Max/hr

This zone introduces an even burn of fats and carbohydrates, which is accomplished by transitioning into our Heat Pace and Peak Recovery. This pace is difficult, and typically can only be maintained for several minutes at a time. The ZIFiT goal is to achieve at least half of the workout session in Zone 3.
82-92% Max/hr

This zone is the main focus of the ZIFiT Workout, and is achieved by reaching Fire Pace. The intensity at this pace is strenuous and body temperature rises as additional muscle groups are involved. The goal is to achieve about a third of the ZIFiT Workout in Zone 4.
Feel The Burn!
93-100% Max/hr

This is the highest intensity zone in the ZIFiT Workout, and those able to reach it are typically giving it everything they've got to maintain the pace. This zone is targeted for very short bursts of activity, but reaching it is not required to achieve the desired results.


The Fire and Burn zones (zones 4 and 5) are the driving force behind achieving Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), more commonly known as "oxygen debt". This scientifically proven phenomenon occurs after completing a multitude of workouts of various intensity and duration as metabolism increases significantly in order to restore the body to its normal state. By increasing metabolic activity, this elevates the rate at which the body converts nutrients consumed into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), thereby fueling muscular activity. The achievement of greater EPOC can lead to a larger “after burn” effect, where the body continues to burn fats and carbohydrates well beyond the end of the activity.

Our heart-rate monitored workout is designed to achieve and maintain a heart rate in the target zones that stimulate the metabolism, increase energy and achieve an "after burn" effect that can last up to 36 hours post workout!

Performance Goal

Cardiovascular endurance, power, agility, speed and strength should noticeably improve after two weeks when attending three or more ZIFiT Workouts per week.

Results Will Vary

As with any workout regimen, results will vary based on the current fitness level of each individual and the effort they put forth to achieve their fitness goals. The information provided here regarding potential results from the ZIFiT Workout represents typical activity levels and outcomes. Individual results will vary based on the commitment, activity level achieved and frequency of participation in ZIFiT Workouts, as well as management of personal habits such as diet and sleep. For more information, send us a message or visit a ZIFiT location and speak directly with a trainer.


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